Reflective Essay: If I Go Back To High School

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While most students in the cities have a lot of opportunities and advantages, I did not. The schools were poor and did not give good education. The teachers would leave because of the students and the gang violence. I went to school to teach myself sadly. While growing up in a small town was always so hard, I made the best out of it. I tried to keep myself busy and stay out of harms way. If you went outside at the wrong time, your life could be taken. If you wanted nice things or a good meal that was not home-cooked, then you had to travel at least two hours. In my household, we could not have bad grades. Bad grades led to not having a phone and being on punishment. No matter how hard classes would be, I had to go the extra mile to make sure …show more content…
I began to struggle in math and I came home with a C+. I really was satisfied with the grade because I thought it would be lower. My parents did not say too much and then I became a slacker. I wasn’t concerned with getting A’s and B’s. I was only trying to make it, doing just enough to get by. I had an older sister who always set the bar for me. When I saw her grades rising and how she got rewarded, it made me want to do better. I began to study more and actually want to put in effort. My sister graduated number eleven in her class and my parents were so proud. I wanted to do better and be a part of the top ten. The way I handled things then changed. Every assignment became easy to me then. I made it my business to start taking college classes while still in school. It was hard taking high school courses and college classes. I ended up with thirty-three transfer credits and came into college as a sophomore. I saved myself some money and also got a head start. I am not taking upper level classes and it may be challenging, but I know I will get through this. My sister completed her undergraduate and graduate degree from NCAT. I decided to follow in her footsteps and attend …show more content…
My sister called one day and told me let’s go out tonight. Even though I had to read a chapter, I still went out because I did not want her to go out alone. I went out and enjoyed myself, forgetting all about reading the chapter. I went to class the next morning and as soon as I walked in, we had a pop quiz. I am thinking “great, it’s just my luck.” I really could not believe I forgot about my work, so I got my materials out of my book bag and began to skim through the chapter. I ended up only answering two out of the ten questions. I failed my first assignment. In my opinion, I did not leave a good impression on my teacher. Now she is thinking how I do not do my homework. I was once told, you never want your teacher to ever have anything bad to say about you because you never know who they know. You never know if they will have to be a reference for your future job. I then made my mind up that I have to do what I came to school to do or I will be back home. I have been here a week and I still do not regret it. I have learned so many lessons that I will carry me throughout life. I have so my advice for next years incoming

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