Struggles Of Reading Research Paper

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Like most children, I love listening to my parents read books to me before I go to bed, but when it was time for me to learn how to read, books were my enemy. I look at the words not knowing what they mean and not understanding what my teachers or my family are reading. I would cry with the frustration of my failing attempts wanting nothing more for my parents to read instead of me. I do not think it was my own fault that reading was a struggle, but I believe that as our country economically advances, our society pressures young children to be educated in a too fast pace that they are not able to handle. If we continue to rush children to learn more complex information than what was expected a few years ago, more children will struggle and be left behind because they have higher expectations.
In the beginning of my junior year, I started to cry because I was feeling stressed. I was overwhelmed because I signed up for honors English
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We need to slow down where children are being pressured advanced education that could be too much for them. We spend more time focusing on how smart our children will be, instead of focusing on their personality and wellbeing. As I look around at my generation and a younger generation, more teenagers are having a mental disability where we could have focused on helping them instead of worrying about how fast they can read. If there is a locked focus on only educating our children, then we dehumanize them as we forget to educate their morals.
As a society we advertise that no child would be left behind, but how can there be no child left behind when the education system is rushing young children to learn and do basic arithmetic before they enter 1st grade. We keep rushing children to learn more complex information each year and yet we keep stating no child left behind. If we want no child left behind, then we as a society need to slow

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