Medieval History By Rabindranath Tagore And Richard Feynman

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Education is a big experience that helps us develop into mature adults as we get older. It 's constantly being changed in order to determine what is the easiest and most efficient way to teach kids until they mature into adults. it can be safely assumed that everyone 's education contains its great moments and bad and forgetful moments and my experience was no exception. People have been discussing the problems with education for decades as of now and we still see writers discussing it today in order to find ways to improve it. People like Rabindranath Tagore and Richard Feynman bring in their personal experiences about education which show some of the more flawed components of our education system. Tagore claims that nature is a better teacher …show more content…
When this happens, education loses purpose and understanding. My History teacher shared similar problems that began to show what Tagore 's "education factory" truly was. In eighth grade, my History teacher taught the subject of Medieval History using only two items: our textbooks and worksheets that connected with the textbooks. She followed a forced and boring pattern that didn 't really explain anything in a creative manner. She read instructions from the textbooks and told the students to do just that. I was subjected to the boring history class, "lifeless, colorless, dissociated from the context of the universe" (Tagore 41). Each unit of the class had a repetitive pattern: we would take notes, answer questions in our study guide, and then take a test. Every day, students walked into class expecting the same outcome by the end of the period. Feynman mentioned that his students studied their notes for the tests and they would pass tests by memorizing the answers directly from the text. Their notes were basically answer sheets for exams which defeats the whole purpose of studying information (Feynman 55). My class contained a very similar formula and because of that, everything in class was forced and forgettable. I lost investment into the class due to how boring it got. It 's really important that we learn our subjects rather than memorize

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