The Importance Of Education On Diabetes

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Diabetes has become an important issue for today society because not only it is affecting adult but as well as children. It is important for parents to have a good education about diabetes so they can provide care for their child if him/her are diagnosis with it. In the article, The Effect of Home Visits on the Quality of Life of Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, the Diabetic Control and Complication Trial Research Group (DCCT) wants to improve the quality of care for pediatric that is diagnosis with diabetes type 1. They conducted a research studies with their diabetes team to provide in-home visit and school for 4 months to see the improvement of the quality care from the parents to their child after a 6 weeks education. …show more content…
The first dataset also only gave the information of the number of genders that was involved and how many was involved. This information was very limited details on the studies because it is very board and just general information.
Since the diabetes team provided education on the disease to the parents, it could be helpful for readers to know what education was provided and how many parents understand the education because to based on the quality care that the team provided to the parents, is based on the parents knowledge of the disease. The dataset only show how many parents are involved; the number of father and mother, but not the average of parents understanding the education. Also having a dataset regarding if home address of the patients was located or not is not relevant for readers or the healthcare providers.

For the second dataset, it is helpful for healthcare providers and readers to see the improvement of the patients blood glucose and HbA1c level because it does show the affective of homecare and school visit. However, since no other data was given in the dataset, it is hard to understand what help the improvement throughout the home visit and well as what education that helped this

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