Argumentative Essay: The Value Of Education In Public Schools

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Education in public schools has been falling downhill for quite some time. Students are feeling like they are not learning anything in classes, especially in high schools. Students feel that they are just memorizing the class so they end with a passing grade. School back in the day was never like that, students back then were taught, and they learned instead of memorized. Today the government is becoming more involved in public school education and trying to add Common Core Curriculum, but all Common Core is doing is making it more difficult for students to learn and teachers to teach. Being a little kid in elementary school I thought of high school as a place where books were shoved in lockers and are used in every class, being carried around …show more content…
High schoolers have lives outside of school and seven teachers that give homework. A lot of the homework that is given seems like busy work. Homework that is actually helpful and is practice to what is being taught, is good, but an overload of homework is not okay. A lot of High Schoolers have jobs outside of high school, or sports, or family things that come before school. Some students don’t have a lot of time to do all their homework, which affects their grade, or it leaves no time for any activities because they are so busy trying to finish their pile of homework. I’m not saying all homework is bad, but too much of it is. It stresses students out when they don 't have enough time to finish it. Or they stay up late doing it and are really tired the next day. If we can 't sleep in class, we shouldn 't be doing a lot of school work at home. And the weekends, we should not be given homework on the weekends. If we were to do school work on Saturday and Sunday, school would be in session those days. Some homework is beneficial, but most teachers give too much. Especially in advanced classes. The homework load for that should be a little more than a normal class but not extreme. The class should be more challenging not a truck load of

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