The Importance Of Education In My Life

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Register to read the introduction… But to be their inspiration that it is possible to become something when you have nothing. I cannot honestly say that I remember a time growing up with nothing to eat or clean clothes to wear; but I seen this struggle, like so many Baltimore children, in the life of my best friend. Like so many of my students, I am a product of a typical strong, single, and young parent, drug addicted father being raised like so many in the housing developments of Baltimore City. I then went on to various good schools in the Baltimore City Public Schools System because my mother believed in education wholeheartedly. But in high school I became a statistic like so many of my students are, and became pregnant with my daughter in my eleventh grade year. But unlike so many, I wanted better for her than I did so I worked harder. In my twelfth grade year, I maintained a 3.89 GPA and received a full academic scholarship to Howard University in Washington, DC. But unfortunately I was unable to accept this great offer due to the birth of my daughter six months before graduation. But through the struggle that I created for myself in life, I still obtained everything that I set out to accomplish by the age of 30. So being …show more content…
I say this due to the lack of teachers in my current district with the gap only to spread in the coming school year. This school year began with one hundred seventeen teachers, which quickly went to one hundred by Thanksgiving. If this was not enough, many have been retiring and/or quitting after Christmas which brings our current staffing to around eighty- eight; with many not returning next year. I cannot, entirely, blame our administration for this dilemma our school now faces because selection works both ways. A lot of new teachers come out of college into “another trap that can lead to a poor selection (p.45)” because they are picturing education to by the textbook which simply does not happen. In this year alone, I have been able to see that a lot of people make the mistake of picking the right career path, but using the wrong reasons to rationalize their choice. Hallowell (2011) states that “a person can’t will himself to want to work hard, and a manager can’t cheerlead employees who are in the wrong spot in the organization (p.45)” Many think that support comes only in the form of administrative presence, but you must first provide yourself with that same level of support. Being able to encourage yourself in all situations not only builds character, but your resilience in any given situation. For when we offer Peer Reviews in one another’s classrooms, we offer suggestions of how to make the classroom better for the students as well as the teacher. We offer suggestions, answer questions, but most importantly: we share experiences that has helped us to grow in our own

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