The Importance Of Education In Education

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According to Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Education is also globally significant as it promotes a healthy economy, prevents the spread of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and creates a population that is educated enough to recognize and prevent corrupt governments.
Perhaps the most selfish reason for a country to invest in education is the fact that an increase in Educated people can be extremely beneficial for a country’s economy. According to the National Education Association, High School Dropouts are 72% more likely to be unemployed compared to high school graduates ( Furthermore, students who graduate high school earn an average of 9245 dollars
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teaching is often considered a “fallback” option with the majority of teachers being from the bottom third of their respective college classes. Although Hanover High School is an exception, teaching requires talent and motivating struggling students takes even more effort. This philosophy is manifest in Finnish culture, where the level of respect given to teachers is tantamount to that given to a doctor. According to ( 25% of Finnish children chose teaching as their career goal and in 2010, 6600 applicants applied for 660 primary school training slots. Teachers in Finland are required to have a 5th year masters degree in theory and practice from one of eight state universities, completely covered financially by the Finnish government. As a result, teachers in Finland are among the most talented and qualified in the entire …show more content…
It talked about how chronically bad teachers could not be fired due to clauses in their contracts and a long and arduous process that most principals do not have time to execute to completion. As a result, the schools engage in a “lemon dance” in which chronically bad teachers are sent from school to school, in the district, in hopes that they will become better teachers miraculously. This sad process could be negated all together if teaching became a respected profession. Then, the teacher’s unions would not always be in a protective battle over their bad teachers, and students could be taught by a passionate, talented teacher. Education is the key to a healthy population in terms of economy, government and the prevention of diseases and many of the problems facing America and other countries today stem from a lack of qualified

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