The Importance Of Education At M. D. Roberts

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M.D. Roberts is a fine arts and magnet middle school in Clayton County, and located in Jonesboro Georgia. Clayton County has a population of 264,211. 15.8% of this population is unemployed and 18.1% has a Bachelor’s Degree. The population is mostly African American and has a large amount of children and teenagers. English is the language mostly spoken. The 84% that is employed drive to work and own two cars. M.D. Roberts is a Title I school because Clayton County is a Title I district. The school offers Free/Reduced Lunch for the students. There are 13% of students with disabilities. 2% of students are English Language Learners. There are currently 789 students enrolled with 54 full-time teachers, so the student to teacher ratio is …show more content…
Roberts is a nice size. There are five groups of six desks. The room has a projector and a screen. There is a classroom library with young adolescent books and with a variety of subjects. There are picture books, short story collections, and poetry books for students to choose from. Each group contains a container with highlighters, glue, and markers for the students to use as needed. The students have six classes a day with a 30-minute lunch. Students are required to transition silently to every class and to lunch. The first week student had to fill in the lunch tables but now are allowed to sit at the teacher’s assigned table but with whoever they would like to sit with. Every morning the students complete HITS which has questions for every subject for the Georgia Milestones test. The students go over them in each content …show more content…
There aren’t any expulsions, 11.8% of students have had out-of-school suspension, and 20.3% of students have had in-school suspension. Attendance can also be impacted by the programs. Only 5% of the students have had 15 or more days of absences. The teachers are also extremely experienced. Currently, there are only 1% of the teachers that are first year or second year teachers. However, the teachers have a high rate of absences, with 37% missing ten or more days out of the school year. Teachers at M.D. Roberts have a higher salary than a normal middle school. Teachers get paid $53,980 when the average is $52,143. The student to counselor ratio is higher than average with 785 students to one

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