The Importance Of Education And Its Impact On Education Essay

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The purpose of education is not only to inform people on the history of all different subjects, but enables us to help others. Without education there’s a big potential of separation of nationalities based on the amount of knowledge one nation could have, we may not realise it but education is a huge reason why separation of race isn’t as big as it could potentially be. Also, this gives us a general knowledge of the world, which not only stops us from repeating history, but allows us to evolve as people both mentally and physically. There are many different levels of being educated, also many different areas of education, but specifically it’s important to have at least education par to a high school degree.

Without education we would literally make no progress as a society. We often view education as having a high intelligence, and having knowledge of very complex things. But in reality the things we are taught at an early age are very important, and is a form of education. As stated before, there are different levels of being educated. A person who has a PhD is not equivalent to someone who has a High School degree, or even may have dropped out at an early age. If both of these people have a clear understanding on how the world works, and has a true understanding of right or wrong whether they choose to abide by that standard, they are educated. Now, the person with the PhD is much more likely to have a greater impact on human or animal intelligence, and…

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