The Importance Of Education Absolute Right To Education

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Since 1948 following the Pronouncement of Universal Human Rights, Education has officially been recognized as a fundamental human right. Moreover, it has been acknowledged through numerous accords such as the “United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization” (UNESCO), the “Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women,” and the “International Covenant on Economics, Social, and Cultural Rights.” These treaties established the entitlement of children to a compulsory free primary education and further obligation for the respective governments to establish post-primary education that all children can access as well as providing higher education that is equitable to all. The main aim of entitling education …show more content…
Therefore, no government has the right to deny children within its territorial borders access to education. In conjunction with the host nations, the UNHCR has the responsibility to protect the rights of refugee children to education and the adoption of the six main targets of education for all, which encompasses free primary education, equal access to learning for the youths and adults, gender equality, adult literacy, and quality education. The UNHCR also ensures the personal security of the refugees while providing them with free basic education. It also guarantees primary education and community-based educational initiatives to cater for pre-school and early childhood education. UNHCR also supports access to lower secondary education, provide adolescents and adults with a non-formal education that is crucial for their psychosocial development or particular specific education that caters for their special needs. Also, the UNHCR has an obligation to evaluate and monitor the refugee educational programs to ensure they are streamlined with the established indicators and standards so that they get the appropriate funding and human

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