The Importance Of Economics In Shaping History

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What was the most beneficial part in shaping history? There are three different parts that went into the shaping of history and they are religious beliefs/conflicts, politics and economics. Economics is everything to do with the production, consumption and transfer of wealth. Economics is apart of everyday life in history and to the present day. The most important out of those 3 that I just named is economics/the need to acquire goods. Economics has always been a huge part in building empires, economics has brought cultures together for the good and the bad and economics have brought people too new lands.
Economics have always been a huge part in building successful empires. In order for a civilization to become more powerful they are going
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One of the main reasons that people came to the new discovered lands was to start over and gain riches. “Jamestown was founded in 1607 and nearly failed too. The settlers were mainly younger sons from rich English families who came looking for gold and slaves but were unprepared to work” (Lecture notes, American & Western Civilization). Many young English men came to the Americas to find their own riches and become successful. 1589 the book Principal Navigations told people, “Hakluyt claimed that north America was a paradise and that the English needed to get it before Spain and francs did” (Lecture notes, American & Western Civilization). This book promised riches and an amazing life to anyone that came to Americas. Another huge shaping of history is the high rise in the demand of slaves and how they were brought to different nations forcibly to be sold. “I now saw myself deprived of all chance of returning to my native country, or even the least glimpse of hope of gaining the shore” (The Narrative of a slave). As demand grew for Slaves people started to become more dependent on slavery to keep their business going and keeping it profitable. These people were taking from their homes and sold off to people for and were condemned to an unfair life. This is one of the man reasons why the African American culture were brought over to different

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