Just War Multilateral Sanctions

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Economic Sanctions are characterized as a statecraft, which has been made for the advancement of Foreign Policy. In David, Balding words, Sanctions “are influenced attempts.”
Where states seek to exert power over another international actor, that is, to do what they otherwise will not do. Since the post-war, the UN Security Council has authorized 26 multilateral sanctions , such as, in Haiti, Iraq, South Africa and Former Yugoslavia. Where compressive exchange sanctions were applied. However, the dubious about the sanctions, political viability has raised concern in cases such as Iraq. The most genuine question in regards to the utilization of sanctions is the harm that it can produce in a vulnerable population, while does not affect those
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The just war tradition is base in two principals: Jus ad bellum (justice of war) – this relates the reasons for war; jus in bello (justice in war) this establish what can be done and the amount of force that can be delivered during a war. Based on the just war tradition and its principles, a war can have a framework with moral and political viability.
For instance, in cases of cyber warfare, the just war tradition has moral ground limitation. In the oxford’s dictionary cyberattack refers, an attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer network or system . Like Oxford’s dictionary described, cyber attacks are used by hackers (humans) with the intention to destroy a computer or network (physical object); the impact of it destruction depends on the target group. It sounded like cyber attacks have moral ground but based on the Just War theory principles, it does not, Because, it does not include an armed conflict, and does not count with physical representation. This situation creates a challenge for the international community and policymakers. Due to the ambiguity of this issue and the problems that its creates actually in the international arena, such as the case, of 2016, United Estate’s election, where several agencies attributed to Russia’ government the cyber attack of democratic data’s bases, to sabotage its

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