The Importance Of EHR In Healthcare

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In the argument I chose is the physician is in a group practice that use EHR (electronic health record). There are many benefits and challenges that comes along with use the electronic health record. It has benefits for physicians, but as well as the patients, and other clinical staff that uses this electronic system. Electronic health system play a major role in patient health. “Providers in some areas can use EHR systems to quickly find and notify patients who may be at risk for problems related to unsafe drugs or medical devices” (Health IT). Therefore, making sure the system is capable of holding the information in the database is very imperative. Since Obama came into the office he made some big changes within the healthcare system one …show more content…
Many hospitals has to make sure they have an effective system to accommodate patient information, and for all clinical staff. Physicians has to be able to locate patient information easily for patient care. Another challenge would be making sure the system does not lose information of the patient. There have been time where documents have been lost or deleted out of the system. “Healthcare providers and patients alike have voiced concerns about medical privacy with EHRs. Paper records may be tedious and inefficient, but they don’t face threats from cyber-attacks. Such security breaches could cause substantial harm to patients, as well as result in legal issues to providers. According to the HRSA, the common privacy concerns with EHRs are unauthorized access to records, tampering with records and the risk of losing information due to a natural disaster. Factor these risks in when choosing security policies during EHR implementation” (University Alliance). The system should have a database to provide ways for IT to locate any issues of lost documentation. There are also risk of making sure the system is secured from hackers. Hackers always find a way to get in to the system to breach programs. There have to be many IT staff on alert to make sure all information is secured properly. In any healthcare system everything about taking risks, and changes are always made throughout healthcare, so it is very important to make sure there are no distractions to make sure patient care is the top

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