The Importance Of E-Cigarettes

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In recent years there has been controversy on the topic of e-cigarettes. It is still not proven whether it is a healthier way to smoke, or if it just a new age cancer stick. Currently, the FDA has no regulations on the new popular smoking method. Having a miniscule amount of information on such a rapidly expanding industry is concerning, leaving the public with many questions on the new method of smoking. I believe that we should welcome this method into our society, due to the fact that in its short existence it, has not proven to be as troublesome as traditional cigarettes. The real potential for e-cigarettes is that the quality of smoke could be healthier, thus, increasing the quality of life for millions of smokers.
It has become very
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Why would anyone want to be part of this statistic? We know how cigarettes are addicting, with nicotine, however that is not what kills people. According to Zeller, “It’s not the nicotine that kills half of the long-term smokers. It’s the delivery system. Namely the tar and toxic smoke that burned tobacco delivers” (Friedman, 771). This is another reason why improving the quality of smoke is the key to helping millions of smokers improve their personal wellbeing.
Although it is beyond obvious that cigarettes have to be one of the most avoidable causes of death, people continue to smoke. The Medical side of the industry is just as outrageous as the number of deaths. Studies from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported, “Tobacco use costs the country nearly 300 billion dollars a year in direct medical costs, and lost productivity. . .” (Friedman, 771). Personally I am not a humanist; by all means if a person wants to do something let them do it, because in my mind, one cannot put the value of a dollar over another human’s life. However, in this case, according to the dollar amount spent we could justify the thought of putting a dollar value on human
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To put in perspective how many cigarette butts are thrown on the ground each year is countless. With these refillable tanks, littering with cigarette butts becomes obsolete. The vaping products with refillable tanks have three main components, the mouth piece, tank, and the battery. These new products are rechargeable and the tank can hold enough liquid to give more puffs to than an entire pack of cigarettes could provide. David Sweanor, a University of Ottawa law professor, and public health advocate claims, “A pack of combustible cigarettes in the U.S. can range from 5 to 10 dollars. When you change to vaping products, you’re spending the equivalent of 60 cents per pack” (Friedman, 772). If a smoker were to make the transition to vaping products the individual could save hundreds or even thousands within a certain time frame. This could help a smoker quit as well due to the fact that the user can control how much nicotine goes in each tank of liquid before purchasing it from a vape shop. With what experience I have with vaping, I personally have been asked the amount of nicotine I would like in the liquid. Not knowing a general amount I could handle, the sales person guided me to the correct amount based upon the amount of cigarettes I have smoked in the past, as well as my daily consumption of cigarettes. The opportunity for a better method of smoking seems limitless with vaping

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