Dysfunctional Leadership In The Workplace

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The work field is an institution where citizens commit their time to make an outside living. In the work field, there are leaders that can make decisions for the company, and there are leaders that can’t. Leadership, by definition, would be people who are in charge of organizations and their subordinates (Hogan & Kaiser, 2005). Yet, there is more to leadership than just being in charge. Leadership is an essential trait that not everyone has and can execute effectively. In the workplace, this trait is vital for production and collective agreement. Managers and higher level employees of a company, such as Human Resources, need this trait; however there are two versions of leadership. Managers with effective leadership can have a productive work …show more content…
Similarly, the way to test for dysfunctional leadership is to also use the Big Five Personality test (Leary, et al., 2013). If an individual takes the Big Five, and all the traits are on the negative spectrum, it can have a high correlation with leadership effectiveness. It can cause counterproductive behavior which can degrade performance with themselves and their peers surrounding them (Leary, et al., 2013). This type of behavior can lead to stressful events that can cause turnover in the workforce. Some of these events could be harassment in the workplace, narcissistic replies towards other employees, absenteeism. These examples that dysfunctional managers show can cause burnout in the subordinates. It causes absenteeism and the lack of motivation for some people with this type of manager. Narcissism plays a major role in poor leadership skills. Narcissist usually are self-motivated however, they seek admiration from others about their superiority (Judge, LePine, & Rich, 2006). The tactic of seeking admiration is self-defeating in the long run, because it undermines personal relationship (Judge, LePine, & Rich, 2006). Meaning that it can damage relationships and could cause a subordinate to veer away from a narcissistic manager. They won’t listen to their manager, thus productivity will decrease. This can cause turnover in corporations and could lead Human …show more content…
The company saw a major decline in satisfaction in one year, which lead to their overall earnings decreasing. The overall earnings for the company decreased 72 percent (The LensCrafters Vision , 2011). The company discovered that the managers weren’t being trained properly and their leadership styles were severely lacking. They were lacking directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating towards their subordinates (The LensCrafters Vision , 2011). Lacking those traits caused a turnover with the managers and their employees. It had a snowball effect because the turnover of employees also meant sales went down for the company. This leads to a concern that some managers only perform well when a person of higher power appears. Some managers will be more productive, and have more effective performance when a district manager or human resources appears. This problem of poor character can lead corporations into bankruptcy (Conger & Hollenbeck, 2010). Some subordinates will even take matters into their own hand and show effective ways management, even when they don’t have the power to make some of the calls (Conger & Hollenbeck, 2010). Even though it might be positive for the subordinate, it might make the company itself look bad. They might believe that they hired or promoted the wrong individual, clearly with the wrong mindset and traits to lead a

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