Drive Through The Looking Glass Analysis

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Drive through the Looking Glass
Drive has always been one of my strongest personality traits. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. Drive in my definition is being able to keep pushing and going even when things are going good or terrible. Along with drive, I have also been able to change the way that I think about things pretty quickly once I have a clear conscience.
I just recently lost my job, on November 28th. Working at Hwy 55 was the best thing that has ever happened to me, I was a waitress and it took me about four days to get the hang of things. I got hired on October 20, and a month later I got fired for miscommunication on my manager’s side. Basically, I got fired for his mistake.
I’ve learned that when trauma happens, the
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This school of thought says that behavior is explained by environmental factors as opposed to internal factors. So, with that being said, the behaviorism school does not believe in drive. Drive is not explained through environmental factors, it is all internal. The Humanistic School of Thought was discovered by Maslow. The Humanistic School of Thought believes that people should believe in their selves. They also want us to realize our needs and wants. Confidence and drive is what is the main focus of this school. They believe in drive and that people should strive to be better, as well as gain insight into one’s feelings. The school is therapeutic.
Cognitive School of Thought is one of the most important, this school began with Piaget. It centers on our patterns of thinking. They believe that our emotions and thoughts are based on past experiences. That has a lot to do with the drive to keep going. Based on prior experiences you know what you need and deserve, so when something comes along that isn’t as good as what you think it should be, you have the drive to accept that it isn’t what you require and that it should no longer be in your

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