The Importance Of Dress Code Irrelevant

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Register to read the introduction… I used to be told that the dress code was enforced because once we get out in the real world and get real jobs, we have to dress professionally. So basically, school dress code was supposed to help us for the future. Now, dress code has changed from helping us to hurting us. It is said now that dress code is enforced not only to help us in the real world, but to decrease distractions for learning. The same article as above states, “The goal of most dress codes is to discourage inappropriate dress and cut down on distractions in the classroom. But the result is often institutions telling impressionable young people that their identity and the way they choose to present themselves is unimportant, rather than actually focusing the students' attention on …show more content…
You never really know what to expect in middle school. One year there won’t be hardly any rules and then the next year you’ll start to feel like you’re in prison. Middle school are the years where people are starting to mature and figure out who they are. Middle school is a roller coaster ride. Those are the years when teachers start to make you think about the future and what you want to do with your life. Middle school is where I can understand where to dress code starts to be enforced, but not to extremes. High school is where everything seems to get intense. Dress codes are extremely strict in high school. For example, one student was suspended because her shirt wasn’t tucked in. Another student got suspended for wearing a shear (see through) top even though she had a tank top underneath it. High school is when teachers, principals and other administration expect you to act like adults but treat you like kids. High school is when the dress code starts to matter as much as breaking scholastic rules like no cheating or …show more content…
If someone is distracted from learning in the class room because a girl is showing her skin, then priorities need to be straightened out. Instead of teaching boys to keep their eyes on their books, schools and society think it’s better to tell girls that their clothing is inappropriate. Schools shouldn’t blame girls for guys not being able to keep their eyes to themselves. Schools need to start teaching boys to stop looking at girls as sexual objects and if loosening the reins on dress code is too hard, then establish a uniform.

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