Dreams Come True In The Great Gatsby

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Dreams. That word brings many different things to peoples mind, depending on who you are. It may be dreaming of what you’ll eat for lunch next mod, or dreaming that one day you’ll become a general surgeon at a prestigious hospital. No matter what degree your dream may be, it keeps you going, it’s something to strive for. Yet, at the same time, focusing on a dream has the tendency to lead people astray from reality and their surroundings. Throughout modernism, there have been lots of dreams prevalent in the novels we read. However, whether or not these dreams come true is the catch. In The Great Gatsby, the dreams of Jay Gatsby were only illusions that he was attempting to turn into reality. While the dreams of the main characters in Of …show more content…
He frowned upon intellectuals and high society. By putting his characters in a depressing society where dreams were unlikely to come true, it helped George and Lennie to work together to attain their dream. It brought the two characters closer together; talking about the dream helped George to calm down when he was upset with something Lennie had done. In the poem “To A Mouse”, which is where Steinbeck got the title of his novel, it says “the best laid plans of mice and men / often go awry” (Robert Burns). The overall message from this novel is that obstacles will always get in the way of aspirations. Everyones best plans often fail, but it’s how we accept the failure and what we do with it that matters. Even though the two novels discussed are from completely opposite social classes, they are very similar in their ideas. Both authors feel that the American Dream is pointless and only causes people to be let down. The authors approach it in different ways, but both Fitzgerald and Steinbeck show readers that the American Dream is usually not possible to achieve. Society keeps both of the men from attaining their dream and becoming happy. Both authors demonstrate how people can become disillusioned and discouraged when seeking to fulfill the useless American

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