Dream Yoga Research Paper

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For the mystic, Dream Yoga is an essential tool in the collection of Amrita and in understanding the nature of Nirvikalpa-samādhi, yet it is the Atman that will control the dreaming awareness as Self can only experience ordinary dreams. The Atman awareness can move out of the lucid dream state and enter into the unknown, unifying the energies of the Yantra chakra with the energies of the Bindu chakra. In many ways, ordinary Self becomes the dream and dreaming becomes the reality as the Atman develops.
First Dreaming Door: Ability to move awareness to the Atman in the sleeping state. In this first stage, one focuses on learning to awaken in one’s dreams, commonly called “astral traveling,” which is distinct from visions or hallucinations.
1. Lucid
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The next stage is to recall the moment or transition between wakefulness and sleep. This is developed by stepping up the relaxation exercised to deepen the mediations preformed before sleep and then practicing recall and light meditation upon wakening.
3. This then progresses to becoming aware when in deep non-dream sleep, and at this stage, one will already be experiencing lucid dreams with momentary flashes of control.
Second Dreaming Door: Ability to move awareness to the Atman in the dreaming state. This stage is where one can control the dream.
1. At this stage, one will transition from wakefulness through to sleep while retaining full awareness of the process and although the lucidity will most likely still lack control, the awareness of Self should exist throughout the sleeping process even in deep, so-called unconscious sleep.
2. In this stage, one moves from lucid dreaming to dreaming awake, where one wakes up in the dream and can act in the same way as in a heightened state of awareness; in fact, these states will seem to blend or cross over into each other’s realms of awareness. This is a freeing of the Atman into awareness outside of Self.
Third Dreaming Door: Ability to move the Atman into the awakened state. This is dreaming awake where one is able to shift attention between dreaming awareness, ordinary awareness, and Atman
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• Recall dreams when first awakening.
• Awakening spontaneously. You will find that as dream recall develops you will awaken spontaneously from sleep. Use this opportunity to go over your dreams several times, and try to commit them to memory before going back to sleep. (don’t be concerned if you do forget the dream later as it is only an exercise to further develop dream awareness ,and do not get hung up on the meaning of dreams as they only relater to Self’s world)
• When returning to sleep, repeat to yourself, “Next time I’m dreaming, I want to remember to recognize I’m dreaming,” and then visualize yourself as being back in the dream; only this time, see yourself realizing that you are, in fact, dreaming.
• After waking up, first focus on remembering when you fell asleep. Do this first thing before you focus on your dream recall.
• Awareness of falling asleep will grow and will continue through the falling asleep stage into the sleep stage; even awareness in the deep dreamless state is

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