The Importance Of Dorian Picture

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Now that he’s put away the picture, he figures he can go one with his life now. Years later, Dorian ceases to throw parties and gatherings at his house and he starts spending money on more hands on items such as jewelry, perfume, musical instruments etc. The only reason Dorian had a strong reputation was because he hosted social functions at his house for everyone to come to. Ever since he became self-conscious about the portrait, his reputation began to go down because he became obsessed with keeping it a secret.
Though Sibyl’s death happened many years back, the details on the image still shows how her death affected him and how to this day he still feels like he is honestly responsible for her death. If the picture can show that then it can show anything else that he is trying to remain secret. It would not only ruin his reputation, it would more importantly ruin his art. And as he recited in his wish, ‘he would give anything. He would give his soul”.
Dorian’s thirty eighth birthday was coming up and he decided that he would like to travel to Paris to celebrate. Just before Dorian was to leave, Basil made a pop up visit basically to have a conversation with him discerning the importance of keeping up a good reputation. Dorian is selfish and has anger
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Sort of like monkey see monkey do. Lord Henry has heartless attributes about him because he doesn’t dwell on the deeper meanings of life. It’s simply a phase that has occurred and once it’s over, there is no need in speaking on it ever again. Life does not affect Lord Henry but it evidently affects Dorian. He feels the guilt, pressure, and tension. In efforts to unload his burdens and completely dispose of these repetitive visuals in his head, he must relocate to somewhere else and take depressants to relieve and eliminate these thoughts that stress him out. Which is why he transferred to Opium

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