The Importance Of Division Of Labor

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An important factor that impacts the economy is the unemployment percentage of a society. Workers are essential in gathering and producing resources that enable supply. As the population increases it causes an increase in demand, the need for supply increases and therefore, a need for efficiency arises. Division of labor is a method that has been implemented to ensure that the members of a society are productive to the economy by providing more jobs that are specialized in nature. The job specialization involved with the division of labor offers capitalistic economies that ability to maximize supply and demand in an efficient way that is most beneficial to the entire society. Capitalism is defined as an economic system that allows private …show more content…
I work in an emergency department and there are several processes that occur in the hospital in general, but we will only look specifically into the single department. A person walked into the lobby of the emergency department not feeling well and wants to be seen by a doctor. The registrar will gather basic information from this person to include their full name, date of birth, and why they have come to the emergency department. This information is then put into the computer and will appear on the tracker for the clinical staff to see. At this point, a nurse will triage the patient to get a better understanding of the situation and see the priority of the patient compared to the others currently waiting to be seen and currently within the department. This will involve asking questions, checking vitals, and putting the information into the computer. The charge nurse will then assess the entire situation within the department and assign a patient to a room when it is available. This is usually done through the computer and the registrar walks or pushes the patient in a wheelchair to the assigned room. At this point, the nurse that is assigned to this patient will come in and perform a detailed assessment of the patient, compile a medication list, and put all that information into the computer. Following that the doctor will come into the room and perform and assessment and examination based on the information provided from the triage and nurse’s assessment. Based on the doctors findings certain tests will be ordered to determine a diagnosis and medication will be ordered as necessary. For example, x-rays, medication, blood work, and a saline lock were ordered. The emergency room technician will start the saline lock and draw the blood work, an x-ray technician will perform the x-ray, and the nurse will give the patient the ordered medication. Once

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