Boston University's Diversity: Case Study

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A. PROPOSED TOPIC OF PROJECT: (write a maximum of three sentences concisely describing your specific angle)

For my final project, I will follow up on the city council meeting from Dec. 19, 2014, between the Committee on Education and Boston University President Robert Brown that focused on diversity in the Boston University community. I will use that angle to discuss the changes in the school’s diversity since 2014.

B. PREVIOUS COVERAGE: (write one sentence demonstrating you have thoroughly scrubbed your angle and it has not been the subject of news coverage in the past 1-3 years in New England)

I have used Google Advanced Search, looked through major Boston publications like The Boston Globe and sifted through Boston University’s websites
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D. WHY IS IT NEWSWORTHY? WHO WILL CARE? (Three sentences maximum describing why you will break news that will be of interest to your audience)

This story is newsworthy because on Oct. 5, 2016, Boston University announced it would be hiring an Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion, a position it plans to have filled by fall 2017. Also, it is Boston University International Education Week from Nov. 14 to Nov. 18, making this piece timely with events inside the college. Since the presidential election, diversity and equality have become pressing issues, so a story about diversity would not only relate to Boston University students, but to residents in the city of Boston, too.

E. SUMMARY OF KEY FINDINGS: (five bullet points maximum; this demonstrates the reporting you have done or expect to do soon to assemble information for your final project)
*List at least ONE key VERIFIED fact you have established to date; you must have verified the information through an interview, data you have fact-checked or public records for it to be included
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Try to gather more statistics on Boston University faculty diversity
3. Interview a member of either the Black Artists Alliance or the African Students Organization
4. Review edits of project proposal
Week of Nov. 22 (Outline due Tuesday Nov. 22)
1. Organize all statistics so that I can easily put them into a multimedia component
2. Put together a list of actions that Boston University has taken to enhance diversity
3. Look through my transcribed interviews to find key quotes
4. Review edits of outline
Week of Nov. 29 (First Draft due Tuesday Nov. 29)
1. See if I feel that I am lacking any information in my story
2. Make sure no new information has been released about the Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion at Boston University
3. Review edits of first draft
4. Determine best multimedia component (graph, table, pie chart)
Week of Dec. 5 (Edits on First Draft Back to You by Tuesday Nov. 5; Final Draft with Multimedia due on Tuesday Dec. 13)
1. Double check that I do not need anymore interviews
2. Meet with Professor Maggie Mulvihill to go over my edits
3. Finish multimedia component
4. Proofread the story by reading it aloud
Deadline is Tuesday Dec.

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