The Importance Of Diversity In Society

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The Mexican left back passed me the ball so I switch the play to the right side of the pitch. Our Brazilian right midfielder Eduardo was ready to cross the ball to our Jamaican striker Alonzo. Eduardo fooled everyone and he passed it to our playmaker Michael who scored the winning goal and together we made history for Cheshire Academy. All of these nationalities companied together under the roof of American freedom. Diversity is a key element to improve and have a successful society. Maintaining the culture ties give all groups the right to follow their respective cultures. For along time America is known by the diverse beliefs, religions and cultures. People in the United States have the right to practice their own religions and …show more content…
In each society, racism incidents must happen between now and then, but the difference is the public reaction to these cases. I witnessed two different incidents that made me favoring diversity and accepting others. The first incident was Ahmad Mohammed’s case. Ahmad Mohammed is a Muslim student who brought a clock that he invented to his science teacher. However, the teacher made an assumption based on his religion that he made a bomb not a clock. “ In addition to that, one of the policemen commented that he knew exactly that Ahmad will be the one who made the bomb because he is a Muslim” (CNN). Even though only few people did not believe Ahmed, most of the people supported Ahmed and blamed the policeman and the teacher for such an act. People across the country participated in #IStandWithAhmed movement, which showed that the American society do not accept any type of racism or discrimination against any minority in the country. Many companies around the world gave Ahmed the chance to work for them to gain experience and reach his goal. One of the people that supported Ahmed was the president of the United Stated Barack …show more content…
Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It 's what makes America great” (Twitter). Also Artist such as Pharrell and Ne-Yo showed love and respect for Ahmed Mohammed and his family. In the other hand, racism is accepted in other communities such as the German community. I remember last summer how people were nice to me in Bonn city when I was by myself. When I ask people for directions they respond immediately with a smile in their faces. However it is not the case when I am with my sisters or my mother. Because my mother and sisters wear hijab they were not accosted in that city. No one would offer us help because of Hijab. In fact, some people will act like if you were not existed. Facing those two different ways of dealing with minorities made me support diversity and respecting the difference between human

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