The Importance Of Diversity In My Life

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1998, the year when my parents immigrated from India to the united states of America, in hope of finding opportunities to become successful. At the time America was a huge opportunity he had just a got a job in New Jersey and had to make enough money to support his family back in India. They knew little English and were very poor at the time. Had barely enough to money for basic needs. However they pushed themselves knowing there was a chance they could make something out of almost nothing. My father was a very practical guy he went to California and got a a job as a computer analyst. Although he wasn’t book-smart he was diligent and hard-working at what he did and practical. Eventually my parents were able to save enough money. My …show more content…
i came to mlc. Before this I wasn’t being challenged enough, everything was too easy for me, and I didn’t feel as accomplished when I achieved something. Coming to the metropolitan learning center created so much more oppurtunities for me to become a successful student. It taught me skills took me on amazing experiences and taught me how to apply my knowledge in real life situations. In addition I was enjoying the the very diverse atmosphere consisting of students form different backgrounds and cultures that I could learn from.. this truly shows the many “colors of America” and its vast diversity. In 7th grade at mlc the biggest change occurred to me. Class elections were coming up and I decided to run. I felt that I could have a huge impact on the 7th grade with my ideas. I decided to run for president and I won the election. As a result I gained huge popularity, everyone knew me and sociealized with me. It was a huge turning point. In 8th grade I made even more friends and created stronger frindships. I had certain problems with time management, I was required to finish much more assignments, but I stayed focused, persevered and continued to work hard. At the end of 8th grade, I came to a realization I had completed a segment of my education- middle school, and that these next 4 years of high school will be the most important and vital years of my life and that I will need to prosper and go to a great college one

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