The Importance Of Diversity And Organizational Culture Essay example

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Companies nowadays are adapting a more diverse workforce as a strategy to justify their business case with the principal of moral case in order to have a competitive advantage upon other businesses. Myrtle Bell (2012) defines diversity as “real or perceived differences among people” and Consultant Thomas Roosevelt (2006) considers there is a direct link between diversity and organizational culture given that the way people are treated at work is a reflection of the organisation’s culture. Therefore, by promoting a diverse environment, employers are able to improve performance as well as to reduce discrimination.
Diversity is much more than just acknowledging the physical differences within individual, it involves understanding everyone’s different situations and adapting to those differences by providing alternatives to employees that adjust to their lifestyles – This creates a better working environment and consequently increases performance. Therefore, it is important for employers to provide an environment that does not discriminate people for their differences but rather create an environment that is more inclusive (economics, 2014). Michaela Healey, Group executive People, communications and Governance at NAB emphasizes the need to “fundamentally change the culture of business to be more inclusive. By doing so, we’ll be creating stronger businesses, a community with unique perspectives and critical thinkers – and a potential economic advantage for Australia”.…

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