Diversity In Groups

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Throughout our study of our own human race we have learned that we are social creatures. Similar to many other species, we live in packs and need others of our kind to survive. While we have adapted this need over time, when it was necessary, we hunted and found safety in numbers. While living among others is necessary, it is not always easy. Like all packs, every member does not always get along perfectly. Most of us college students are discovering the complications that present themselves when people live together. When conflict presents itself, those living together are left to work it out in an effective and timely manner. Within a group a certain homeostasis must be maintained in order for the group to survive. While conflict is normal, …show more content…
More often than not, a personal example of an incident is most effective when delivering a message. People tend to believe and learn better from stories or incidents that happened to people close to them. They can also learn better from more extreme cases. For example, if someone were trying to warn someone about the dangers of drug use, they would not share the one time a person at their school got caught for smoking marijuana in the bathroom. They would most likely find more success if they were to tell a story of a close friend who overdosed on drugs and had to check into rehab to help them with their addiction. While the second story would be more successful at warning someone of the dangers of drug use, the more successful stories cannot always true. This is an example of how society allows for dishonesty for a greater cause. In this case, dishonesty is helping society by teaching people what they need to know in the most effective way. This can be seen in James Frey’s situation with his book A Million Little Pieces. Frey “wholly fabricated or wildly embellished details” of his story that he passed off as nonfiction (Smoking Gun). This book was even used in some rehabilitation groups as motivation. This is a perfect example of how dishonesty was used as a great good. People used his story to help get over their own addictions or used it to teach others the dangers of drugs. Even though it was fiction, it …show more content…
The American political system is known for being dishonest and with the use of fact-checkers in recent elections, this is found to be true. The cause of these lies is usually politicians sharing what they believe will fix a prevailing issue. As they are unable to know if their plans or ideas will really work if they are elected, this paves the way for dishonesty. Sometime when politicians are elected and they try to instigate their plan, it is not practical or cannot be accomplished. This creates the view in the eyes of the American people that a specific politician was lying about a particular issue. Even though a plan may not work out and may lead to dishonesty, the idea gives the American people something to believe in. People are always better, physically, mentally, and emotionally, when they have something to believe in. Dishonesty in this case helps the American society by giving the people something to believe in. The idea that an issue will be fixed helps people carry on with life and keep moving forward. Without hope, people are less likely to be social and find companions. People are also less likely to have children and pass on their genes. This hope allows the people of a community to survive. Though politicians are known for dishonesty, it keeps the public thriving. Dishonesty in the world of politics helps society to survive because it gives us hope that

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