Reflective Essay: My Day Of Discovery Education

During this hectic time of planning, reflecting, observations and midterm prepping I thought a quiet day of rest and catching up would be ideal. Sometimes I forget how essential professional development days are for educators. Today’s day of discovery put on by the amazing Discovery Education Community and Sunrise Ridge Elementary was a the exact mental and emotional rejuvenation I needed.

Part of the reason I choose DEN (discovery education network) was the element of wonder I find in weaving different forms of technology and curriculum together. I find that these sorts of communities foster a supportive and safe space for learning and collaborative opportunities. Whether you are new to the idea of incorporative different tech into your class or a little more advanced there is always some sort of value to find within the conversations and resources of the sessions. I also liked idea of choosing from the many sessions and attending something that naturally sparked my interest. Hmm, what an interesting concept –choice! This is something that I to continually ask myself. Am I creating opportunities for students to the center of decision-making (goal 7)? I
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Each session taught me a something I could take to back to the classroom. The one I enjoyed the most was the first session. In particular, I appreciated not only the ideas of a variety of strategies but how easily they can be adapted towards our own teaching styles and goals but the idea that all these strategies need to be backed up with best practice teaching and instruction. Its one thing to have all the glitter and glamour that tech can provide but are we continually being intentionally and purposeful with the tasks we are

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