The Importance Of Discovery Education

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During this hectic time of planning, reflecting, observations and midterm prepping I thought a quiet day of rest and catching up would be ideal. Sometimes I forget how essential professional development days are for educators. Today’s day of discovery put on by the amazing Discovery Education Community and Sunrise Ridge Elementary was a the exact mental and emotional rejuvenation I needed.

Part of the reason I choose DEN (discovery education network) was the element of wonder I find in weaving different forms of technology and curriculum together. I find that these sorts of communities foster a supportive and safe space for learning and collaborative opportunities. Whether you are new to the idea of incorporative different tech into your
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The intro to the session was powerful. The words resonated with me. The speaker, a member of DEN, spoke about finding joy in what we do and creating awe in the class. It is often assumed that creativity can be killed or dimmed with technology but what we need to understand is that using tech in the class is just provided a different avenue of for creativity to flourish. This concept is in direct alignment with the redesigned curriculum and SFU’s goal 8 for encouraging teachers to create opportunities for …show more content…
For example the website gives teacher access to tons of high quality photos that can be used to hook students. The strategy I learned was called half the story, where you select an image and zoom in so that only part of the image can be seen. The teacher can ask students questions about what they think they are studying today. This process can be repeated with different parts of the image. There are so many ways to develop this activity by having student’s think-pair-share or journal write to work on

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