The Importance Of Discipline For Children 's Mental And Emotional Health

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Parent’s always wondered what types of discipline can help their child’s mental and emotional health. Understanding the child’s temperament creates a special parent-child bond. Discipline is the way parents teach their child what type of behavior is appropriate and what is not appropriate. The word discipline brings to mind the punishment of a child; however, discipline does not stop once the childhood ends. Child discipline should be used by parents in the development of their child’s mental and emotional health.
There’s tons of different ways to discipline children. There are good ways and there are bad ways. Young children, redirection. What that means is when they are doing something they maybe shouldn’t be doing, the parents need to distract them by offering something that is fun. For example, if a toddler is trying to climb up on the couch when he could fall off the couch ~ offer him a ball rolling on the floor rather than saying “No, don’t do that.” It’s better to bring out a ball and do something fun rather than shouting no to a toddler for discipline. Timeout should be used in a room where the parent can see the child and never be more than one minute per age. For example a four year old could sit in timeout for no more than four minutes ~ no more. Another important thing to remember about timeout verbally prepare the child that timeout is going to be used if they don’t obey. For example, if the parent is asking the child to stop throwing a paintbrush across the…

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