Digital Skills: Component Of Citizenship And Social Justice

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Digital Skills not only Prepare Better Workers but are also a Component of Citizenship and Social Justice.
Digital skills is ideas, knowledges, and managements used in operating digital devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. Furthermore, it is classified in two ways: (i) technical skills that includes digital systems and tools, software applications, and system security; and (ii) information processing likes: information related to needs, access, integrate, apply, communicate, create, input, and organization. Disability of person can be defined in different ways depending upon different perception, services available, and cultural consideration. It is the result of an impairment that may occur physically, cognitively,
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Nordin, Norazah, et al. in their abstract of research of higher education for hearing-impaired individuals argued that higher education of the deaf learners offers them opportunities to accomplish valuable skills and knowledge to get work and to maintain society equal to the learners with normal hearing. Hearing- impaired persons feel easy to learn and to grasp the ideas and information better through graphs, charts, diagrams, and tables rather than speech. Higher education most includes the above methods of information and presentation. As a result, they become a sound expertise in their fields of education and become a competent candidate for employers to get works. Also, these factors push online information and communication technology (ICT) to improve their production for the hearing-impaired persons and to promote them for works. Not only with higher education but also having a digital literacy people having mobility problem can get a work of data entry and costumer services with a voice clarity and fulfill their daily …show more content…
They argued that a large percentage of disable people are elderly, poorly educated, unemployed and with low income are lack of digital skills. These group of people can make their life better and respectable in society by enhancing digital skills. Social inclusion which is an important factors for human being .Digital skills provide this opportunity for disable people to reduce their loneliness, helpless, and dependence. Digital skills allow them to chat, to talk with other friends and relatives living at a distance. They can do their banking and marketing using internet and digital skills. For disable students, digital skills offer distance education in many form like audio visual or text which they can take from home. During study they can share their document, ideas, and make a presentation

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