The Importance Of Digital Copyright And The Law

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'The law can never keep pace with technological change '

Area of Technology: Digital Copyright and the Law

The role of law in regulating your area of technology

The role of law in digital copyright is to ensure that the integrity of people’s work is upheld by ensuring their created content is not accessed nor distributed illegally. In the cases where copyright is infringed then it is the role of the law to ensure that the correct punishment is administered to the person or group that has committed the violation.

What Is Digital Copyright?

In the late twentieth and into the twenty-first century, the world has experienced a technological boom. Yet, despite the many good gifts that internet brings, it has become very easy for anyone
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Over the past decade, piracy has experienced a sharp rise to prominence. Statistics show that 54% of Australians aged 18-24 have pirated copyrighted movies and TV shows (Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association). Piracy has swept the world with hosting websites garnering over fifty-billion views annually, causing economic losses totalling in the billions as a result (Online Piracy in Numbers). This highlights the impact and effect that digital piracy has had upon copyrighted content that crops up dozens of unresolved legal issues …show more content…
This means that the application was encouraging the violation of copyright on an extremely large scale (Federal Court of Australia). This decision meant that Kazaa was liable for copyright infringement as it had allowed users to breach the copyright that was owned by the record companies. However, Sharman License Holdings were not forced to shut down as the court noted that it could not completely prevent the breaking of copyright committed by users. Therefore, the court ruled that they could continue distributing the software on the condition it adopted measures to put an end to the copyright infringement that was occurring during use of said

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