The Importance Of Dieting

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Dieting plays a big role on people’s health. However not everyone has the same diet or goes by the nutrition values in foods. Everyone has different food choices based on their cultural background, taste, habits, emotions and sometimes maybe even the cost of foods. Beginning from my childhood years living in Cuba my parents always tell me that it was very difficult for me to eat because I didn’t like the taste of the Cuban food, they would spend hours trying to find ways in which I would enjoy the food. When I arrived to the United States my family and doctors were worried because of my light weight and the nutrients my body was missing, making me an unhealthy infant. Therefore, my parents started giving me these pills recommended by the doctor that is known for opening up the appetite of kids who aren’t really appetent. I began to eat what is known as “junk food,” such as fast foods like McDonalds, chips, sweets, and drinks like Coca-Cola and Sprite. Years later my mom started noticing the difference in my weight gain, the doctors told me that I was over my weight limit because of those pills and the type of diet I was living by because of my appetite. In which could bring several consequences towards my health as I got older. She began to worry and she …show more content…
It went from a good diet plan to a terrible one. It was convenient for me just to grab whatever I would see at vending machines because it would all taste so good and I would crave it so that became a habit. My friends and family began to notice the changes I was taking on my diet because of the physical changes in my body. I was always in denial until my cloth didn’t fit anymore and I began to go into a depression stage, where I started to watch what I ate. From this point on I never let my malnutrition get to me, I always kept up with diet plans and

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