Dietary Self Evaluation

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Dietary Self-Evaluation The reason that personal fitness is important when working with children is, because we need to be role models for children . The theorist Bandura states that children learn by observing other individuals in their environment. One cannot expect children to stay healthy, unless we are setting the example. Therefore, children need to see us eating the right food and participating in physical activities. Moreover, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle and to stay fit, in order to be able to keep up with children who have endless amounts of energy. Therefore, it is important to fuel our body with the right foods. It is equally important to get our bodies into better shape to be able to participate in the multiple …show more content…
This applications showed me that I typically walk around 2,000 steps a day. The days that I walked the most, were the day I went out to Santa Monica with 6,542 steps and 21,595 steps at Disneyland when my friend was visiting from Washington. The application gave me a recommended amount of 6000 steps a day based on my height, weight, and current levels of activity. Currently, I am walking only a third of that a day. Another thing I found, is the benefit of going out. When I was out I met the goal for the day. Therefore, I have concluded that I also need to try to get out more, but I need to make healthier choices when I am eating out. The other things this app reinforced, is that I need to make the effort to exercise again. I had a problem with my thyroid and I get tired more easily. This has made it more difficult, to get up and move like I did before I had this condition. However, the medication I am taking has given me hope to start exercising again and getting back into shape a little bit at a …show more content…
This year, I especially been working trying to make better choices, but sometimes when I am busy I am on automatic pilot, when it comes to food due to my several obligations. I want to be conscious of what I am eating. It is really important that I eat healthier and I start making the effort to start eating the right portions of food. In addition, I liked using the food tracker app from the website Choosing my Plate is that it breaks down the portions for you, in a simplistic manner. Moreover, when you input the food into the app, you can see the amount of calories you are consuming and you can observe what areas are deficient for the day. Therefore, you can see what you need to consume and avoid to meet your goals for that day. As you stated in class, these apps help us to become accountable for what we are eating. Furthermore, it makes it easier to plan out meals by seeing your results. This app works great by constantly reminding us what portion we need to consume to have a balance

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