The Importance Of Development

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What comes into your head when you think about development? For a long time, the economic prosperity has been the major factor that decides whether a person or even a country has developed or not. However, do you think the economy is the only factor that determines development?
Development is the topic related to everyone – every individual seeks one’s own development, and the country where each individual lives in also seeks the development. You, who are listening to this speech right now, are also closely related to the development.
The reason I chose this topic is because as I engaged in several community service activities, I got a vague dream that I want to help those people in needs by ‘developing’ the country they are living in. Still,
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First, considering the political aspect, the political instability can cause the economic downfall in the country. The example of the comparison between Argentina and Australia in the Understanding Development supports this idea. Although both” Argentina and Australia were resource rich, remote and underpopulated countries in the past, while Australia has thrived under the democratic capitalism, Argentina has been plagued by political instability and failure to maintain durable and progressive institutions, which have greatly hindered its economic growth.” As it can be seen from the example, the political stability can directly affect to the economy, the major factor that impacts the capabilities of the …show more content…
Physical health is, and has been considered as the source of development from the long time. As Jennifer Prah Ruger wrote in The Lancet, ‘good health enables individuals to be active agents of change in the development process.’ As she mentioned, without good health, people won’t get a chance to engage in the development process. However, while the physical health was well-known factor of the development, the mental health has been disregarded for a long time. For example, in the Human Development Report 1990, published by UNDP, the introduced measure of the human development was HDI, the human development index, which considers longevity, decent living standards, and knowledge. As it can be seen, the mental health was not one of the factors that is considered when we think about the development. Nevertheless, let’s look at the example of Korea. South Korea has ranked 17th place in the HDI ranking among 188 countries. However, the life satisfaction rate was way below average, raking 31 among the 38 countries in the OECD data. Considering this situation, can we say that Korean people are living well-being life although they are not satisfied with it? Therefore, obtaining the ‘satisfactory’ well-being is most important when we talk about the

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