Designing A Perfect Child Essay

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“Parents do not own their children. They have no ‘natural right’ to control their education fully” (Goodlad). Parents should not be able to design a perfect child. A child should not have to be what their parents want them to be just for parental needs, humans should never counteract God’s plan, and there is always the unknown that may happen when designing a perfect child.
To illustrate, a child should not have to be designed for what their parents want in their child. In the book, The Adoration of Jenna Fox Jenna states, “I don’t want five hundred billion neural chips. I want guts” (122). In the book, Jenna also suggests “‘I won’t even bring up the fact that I am two inches shorter now-acceptable ballerina height’” (137). Jenna is only alive for her parents in order to help them with their sadness in thinking, before, that their child was going to die. The parents don’t even take into consideration of how their child would feel when they designed their child with BioGel and other things that are not human-like. The child’s parents also don’t care about what the child may want because they don’t think that their child would care. The parents wanted to design their child into the perfect ballerina height, so the child could be a good ballerina, as designed to be, but that is
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Benefits can include anything to getting the child a good education so the child can get a good job, to providing protection for the child from the dangers of the world. In the book, Jenna argues, “Who is really out of control here? ‘I don’t want you to control me...’” (153). This evidence explains that the designed kid will be angry at their parents for designing them. This anger will cause the child to be disobedient because of what their parents have done. While benefits may arise from designing the perfect child, the child may feel angered making both the lives of the parents and child more

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