The Importance Of Desalicity And Climate Change In The Arab World

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Register to read the introduction… Home to 6.3 percent of the world’s population, the region contains only 1.4 percent of the world’s renewable fresh water. As population pressures in the region increase, the demand for water resources rises. The true challenge is meeting this demand given scarce water resources.
Country strategies to deal with water shortages depend on local conditions, including topography, the extent of water scarcity, available financial resources, and technical and institutional capacity.
Overall, developing a mix of strategies that increase supply, manage demand, and reduce long-term pressures on water is urgent more than ever before, as population pressures in the region continue to increase.
Desalination is a key solution to overcome water scarcity and climate change in the Arab World
Desalination is already playing an important role, particularly in the Gulf Region, whereby desalination provide more than 75% of their water demand. It is estimated that almost 58% of the global desalination capacity comes from the Arab Region, and still
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To assure a systematic sustaible development that promote effeciency and conservation and focus particularly on water security, Abu Dhabi government, for example, has enforced since 2010, ESTIDAMA concept which is assessed by the Pearl Rating System (PRS) into three categories, community, building and house.
According to this system the achievement of a sustainable communities and buildings requires the integration of the four pillars of Estidama together with a collaborative and inter-disciplinary approach to building development known as the Integrated Development Process. The PRS encourages water, energy and waste minimization, local material use and aims to improve supply chains for sustainable and recycled materials and products.
On the other hand, and knowing how important water security and strategic water reserve in such arid environment with scarce water resources, Abu Dhabi has deployed another pioneering initiative to inject a portion of its desalinated water production into carefully selected underground wells, as natural reserve. These wells are constantly monitored for quality and

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