The Importance Of Democracy's Survival

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Register to read the introduction… Individual freedom is difficult to define, though a general meaning is illustrated by a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes, "The right to swing my fist ends where another man's nose begins." Enforcing people to wear their seat belt against their will is an example of how America has failed to secure the one of most important foundation of democracy. People should have the right to choose whether or not they wear their seat belt. The American government and the North Carolina government specifically passed a law which makes all passengers in the front seat, no matter what age, wear their safety belts. In some states when a passenger is seated in the back seat of the vehicle and above a certain age it is his choice. When people do not wear their seat belt they do not hurt the other drivers. When one refers to Mr. Holmes's quote, the other man's nose has not yet begun, and will not begin from not wearing a safety belt. In fact they only put their own personal life in danger. Why must people be regulated to wear them? If you don't listen to the government you could be fined a ticket. Every aspect of this law invades and diminishes the ideal of individual freedom. People should be able to choose whether or not to wear their safety belt without having the fear that they might be fined a ticket. It is referred to as a victimless crime. The only victim is the person who is forced to wear their seat …show more content…
This is defined as that whatever number of parties there may be, each must give up some of their demands to reach a fair agreement. A current case that is at the Supreme Court level is a fine example of how the United States should rule to honor this foundation. "Troxel Vs. Granville" is the case at hand, concerning the lives of two grandchildren who are not allowed to see their paternal grandparents. Visitation rights is what the grandparents are seeking to attain. Gary and Jennifer Troxel are both physically and mentally capable of being with their two grandchildren, but instead have been forbidden by their daughter-in-law. Brad Troxel, the father of these two children committed suicide six years ago. The mother forbids visitation rights at all. To uphold the necessity of compromise, visitation rights must be granted to these loving, caring, and able grandparents. These children will lose out on a colossal amount of family history and values unless the Supreme Court rules in favor of the grandparents. Grandparents may not be a part of the "nuclear family" (father, mother, and children). However with the absence of the father they already lack a nuclear family to learn from. A compromise must be made to save these children and their grandparents from all the grief that is being caused by the children's mother. This is the only way to uphold this basic

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