The Importance Of Deduction And Induction Management Theories

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Deduction and Induction Management Theories
Creswell (2009) defines theory as a set of interrelated constructs, definitions, and propositions that present a systematic view of a phenomenon by specifying relations among variable, with the purpose of explaining natural phenomena. The evolving of theories has contributed to knowledge accumulation most especially in management practices. A researcher in the field of management is usually faced with the need to find data or build from a data to summarize known fact about the field of study or predict future fact. Therefore, the ideal of a qualitative or quantitative research method make deductive and inductive theories more relevant in business management research.
Deductive Qualitative Research Method
Deductive qualitative research method includes a process of getting to a particular or specific statement from a broader or general statement. Dr. Patton, in his video message, mentioned that since
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Inductive research steps entail first forming specific observations and measures. After that, a topic of interest is selected and data is collected. The next step requires analyzing data clusters or patterns that have emerged. Themes are then generated from data analysis and generalizations are made. The last step entails disseminating the findings.
This theory is important to my selected research as it will assist me in analyzing qualitative data where general reading will entail going through documents, journals, and interviews and taking notes in form of memos that will be helpful in consequent analysis stages. After identifying themes and patterns from the selected data, the materials will be reduced so that the levels of abstraction can be raised. Themes will then be classified and the findings compared to other relevant

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