The Importance Of Decisions

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Decisions are things we all have to make. And whether we like it or not, they can decide on how our lives play out. A single decision can be the difference between living a great wanted life, or a lonely regretful life. Making the right decision can be hard, but it can certainly come in handy.

When I was fifteen years old, I had two of the best friends in the world. I do not want to give names so I will call them Jim and Joe. I would have done anything for them, because to me, they were my brothers. I met them in middle school, Joe was a tall, lanky, nerdy looking kid, and Jim was about my height but just a little on the hefty side. We quickly became friends because we all had such a great sense of humor. No matter what was going
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But every friday night we were struck with the same question, What do we want to do?. Most of the time the answer to that question was playing video games in my basement snacking on junk food until the early hours of the morning. But this time, Jim had a different idea. "Why don 't we go egging houses?", Joe and I were in shock, us being barely sophomores in highschool we never really did anything that real high schoolers do, that was just something we saw in movies. "Why not?" said Joe, "It 'll be the first "bad" thing we 've done in highschool, it 'll be fun!". But me being the goody two shoes that I was, I just shot the suggestion down and tried to change the subject before the idea escalated into something more than an idea. I suggested we just go get junk food at the gas station and eat it on the dock over the …show more content…
So we hopped in Joe 's truck and set off to Jim 's house to get the eggs. But as we neared closer, I couldn 't take it anymore, I just couldn 't be a part of this. I told them to take me home now. And even though I was bombarded with name calling and sneer remarks, I held my ground and gritted my teeth until I got home. I felt bad for leaving them and letting them do it all on their own, but egging someones personal belongings just was not my idea of fun. I can imagine me hitting the home of an old person and them having to struggle to clean up the mess the next morning. The idea just did not sit well with

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