The Importance Of Decisions In Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Sometimes in life difficult decisions have to be made in very short amounts of time. Making split second decisions usually end up going one of two ways, right or wrong. In Steinbeck 's Of Mice and Men George had to make many hard and fast decisions because of his partner Lennie. In Of Mice and Men George had to kill Lennie in order to keep everyone on the ranch safe even though it meant sacrificing his greatest friendship. In Of Mice and Men George was right in killing Lennie because he does not know how to control his own actions. Lennie was consistently making mistakes and taking many different opportunities away from George. Lennie was the reason the had to leave their old job in Weed because of his childlike sense of wonder Lennie does …show more content…
George was wrong in killing Lennie because he was aware of his mental disabilities. George promised to look after Lennie and keep him safe. But after Lennie could not control himself it was made aware he was not safe to have around. “Your Aunt Clara wouldn 't like you running off by yourself”(13). So George obviously was going to fulfill his promises but Lennie’s string of bad decisions were getting worse and”(the) bastard stole my lugar” Carlson said “ It ain 't in my bag”(97). Even though George promised to keep an eye on him that does not mean he can stop him from killing the next person he does not think about whether it would get him in trouble or not. After Lennie killed
Curley’s wife, he stole Carlson 's gun which does not help his case it only set him up to look like he was going to kill another person. Another reason George would of thought about his choice is because he knew of Lennie 's mental capabilities. But George had no way to cover this mistake. George last time took Lennie and “sat in an irrigation ditch the rest of that day”(42). Even though the last time he didn 't think to hurt him he knew “Lennie’s still a nuisance most of the time”(41). George knew this time was difference and he had the back up from the other people on the ranch them telling him “you hadda George, I swear you

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