Weapons Of Mass Deception Analysis

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Societal problems in modern society have arise due to Deception: the art of

manipulating others by lying to them and causing them to believe you based on their own

personal gain and interest. (www.urbandictionary.com) Often times, deception is used by the

media, government, and society for the purposes of achieving a particular agenda. By achieving

deception we avoid others personal beliefs and values and focus on our own selfish desires and

ambitions to achieve power and rank in society. When people make comments like how was

your day going and you respond it was good to only make that person feel satisfied with your

comment, then you are deceiving that person to only make them feel better with themselves. In

the book, Where Men Win
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Deception most likely fails because individuals always seek

truth and reveal the truth to others. This can be seen from the investigative journalists who

uncovered the true Jessica Lynch story to the public and the investigation that the Tillman family

did to find out about their son’s death in Afghanistan during the war. Deception as the article

“Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush’s war in Iraq” describes

perception management as much more successful at “influencing “the “emotions, motives, and

objective reasoning” of the American people than it has been reaching “foreign affairs.” (

Rampton) This perception management is most likely derived from “truth projection, operations

security, cover, deception, and psychological operations.” (Rampton)

Deception as the article describes is easy to use and manipulate on the American

population because they rely heavily on the government and media than any other country. Thus,

they can get influenced by any piece of information their government or media has to throw at

them. If the government and media use deception through the information they receive they can

easily deceive others by telling the population this information, influencing their behavior
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Many times we underestimate the power of

deception and its impact on society. A famous quote by Sun Zhu author of the book “The Art of

War” has stated that “All warfare is based on deception.” Hence, this can be seen from the

Jessica Lynch story and the death of Pat Tillman, where deception was used to prolong the war

in Iraq and Afghanistan. The media and government can relate to deception because of their

desire to change the perception of the war in Iraq by invoking different stories of incidents in the

war such as: the Jessica Lynch story and Tillman’s death.

However, deception can best be avoided if people come out with the truth and tell others

truthfully so that no one is deceived in the process. If deception was never used by our

government, media, and society then the world would have been more orderly and civilized.

Initiatively, avoiding all wars derived from deception and preventing incidents like the Jessica

Lynch story and Tillman’s death from happening again. Avoiding Deception can lead to the

greater good in all aspects of humanity by increasing the trust we have with one another and

invoking peace through our good actions and

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