Employees Deception Case Study

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I was working in sales at a cable company and I had a really dishonest manager. My manager would deceive potential customers during his sales pitch. He would blatantly lie about the services they would receive and would lie about the terms of the contract. He would do anything to get a sale and he was even teaching new salesman shady sales tactics. At the time we were soliciting our services to small business owners. We would receive leads about stores who had our competitor’s service and try to have them switch their current service to our service. We were soliciting in a predominately Spanish neighborhood in Queens, NY. We frequently came across situations where the store owner knew little or no English. My boss knew enough Spanish to close a sale and was very charismatic and charming in his speech and demeanor which led people to trust him easily.
When he would gain the trust of unsuspecting victims he would then lure them in with promises he
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The stakeholder who was affected most was obviously the customer. When they would find out that he wasn’t truthful with them they would call up customer service and complain but by this time it usually was too late and they were screwed. The company is a major stakeholder as well. Deception is a really bad business technique and it brings nothing but a bad name to the business that my boss represented. There were customers who would never even consider our services because of the abundance of dishonesty within the company. Another key stakeholder are the employees directly working under my manager. Some employees are learning the same deceptive tactics and the rest of us are honest hardworking people who find this behavior appalling and offensive to our professional career. The final stakeholder is my boss and there are a bunch of negative things that could happen to him including getting

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