Deaf Awareness Essay

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Although human race was capable of building such complex and organized civilization, it fail to develop moral, respect and equality among people. The topic of suppression if very heavy and long and the conversation about could last forever. From Roman’s slaves to Gay rights movement the history of human existence evolves around people fighting for their rights, freedom and acceptance. Deaf community felt the oppression like any other minority group. Society sees deaf people are disabled and inferior, when in fact their lives just as colorful and important as lives of hearing people. Ignorance often leads to fear and when people are afraid of something their first instance is to attack it which often leads in suppression of people who are different. …show more content…
Due to such brutal and negative image the child is either exposed to the intense therapy to cure the deafness or get as close to hearing person as possible or complete neglect by other children and even the education system. The first case, where the child is exposed to treatments as getting on the airplane, shock or hearing aid. Some of them are ridiculous cures that are not supported by signs in any way, but silly (especially hearing) parents are willing to do anything to make their child normal. This attempt on fixing the child’s hearing is reflected in the painting by attaching the two ringing bells to the boys ears. This constant vibrations are distracting and confusing. Any human hates distraction especially hearing people love to complain about noises that constantly distracts them, so why distract the deaf child from their real deaf identity? Why form something fake, something that isn’t part of him? Why instead not support and help the child find and embrace their unique identity? Only recently did the deaf community was finally able to be more free in terms of using ASL and developing their own identity without pressure of oral education or the need to go to hearing public schools where children were neglect most of the

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