Corruption In Dantes Inferno

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Dante’s profound Imagination The Divine Comedy, one of the most famous work by Dante Alighieri described the poet, Dante himself walk through the inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. Since the artwork was done seven hundred of years ago, does did Dante accurately organize the circles? In other words, are the sins really worse as he heads to the center of Hell? Is greed really worse than glutton or lust? Is fraud really worse than heresy? Combining personal feelings from Dante himself and Christian Bible, Dante did organize an accurate hell even though the work was done seven hundred years ago. Dante’s writing is heavily relied on the Christian Bible. Many sins are not just wrong in the society, but also are sins in the bible. For example, …show more content…
Through Dante’s journey, he put Circle eight, fraud below Circle seven, violence. In Bolgia two of Circle eight, Dante notes, "I saw among the felons of that pit/ one wraith who might or might not have been tonsured/ one could not tell, he was so smeared with shit" (Inferno 147). Dante uses harsh language to describe Circle eight which was unusual. “His disgusting language in Circle eight reflects the disgusting way he feels about the sinner he is describing, and, it means that Dante believes that the sins of Circle eight are more disgusting and eviler than those of Circle seven” (Daniel, P2) This is a reasonable interpretation since Dante used “different” word choices to reflect his opinions. “You were radiance among men/ for that sweet image, gentle and paternal, / you were to me in the world when hour by hour/ you taught me how man makes himself eternal" (Inferno 230). This is Dante’s feeling towards Brunetto Latino in Circle seven which Dante showed empathy. In contrast, Dante does not feel remotely similar about the sinners of Circle eight. He is generally looking down upon these souls, showing that he believes himself to be above their despicable crimes. In essence, Dante shows much more respect for the violent as opposed to the

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