The Importance Of Dante's Journey Through Hell

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Critics may face difficulty when attempting to explain the importance of Dante’s journey through Hell. After banishment from his hometown Florence, Italy due to the political group “the Black-Guelphs” taking over, Dante is forced to partake on a horrendous journey through Hell. It is the only way he can reach his ultimate goal of eternal unity with God. In Hell he is subjected to experience a first person view of those who endure the wraths of Hell. Throughout the journey Dante is lead, taught, and protected by the profound poet Virgil. In result there is correlation found between the occupation of Virgil and that of a parent. From birth it is socially proper for a parent to nurture their child. The relationship between Dante and Virgil, correlates …show more content…
It is necessary for a parent to be a key role model in their child’s life (Umberson, 1). In the words of W.E.B. DuBois; “Children learn more from what you are, than what you teach.” It is clear Dante admires Virgil prior to their encounter when he says; “ Honor and light of every poet, may my long study avail me, and the love that made me search the volume of your work. You are my teacher, my authority; you alone are the one from whom i took the style whose loveliness has honored me” (Alighieri, 1.82-87). Dante’s admiration towards Virgil is key because it allows them to maintain a positive relationship. In these lines Dante correlates to a child because he looks up to Virgil and is inspired by his poetry. In addition this results in Dante yearning to be involved in a closer relationship with Virgil and any teachings or advice he planned to instill in Dante. Dante also gains trust in Virgil, as he follows Virgil’s lead through the nine circles. A parent’s leadership can have a profound impact on their child’s life, and it is clear that Virgil’s vow and determination to help Dante saved him, and lead him to his ultimate goal of unity with

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