The Importance Of Dance Education

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As the education system has become more industrialized, children 's ' futures seem dimmer than ever. American education is more standardized than it has ever been to cut expenses and create efficient members of society; leaving many to question at what cost? Creative expression is a cornerstone in the development of young minds and with the budget being more important than curriculum many of these outlets are being cut from public schools. Dance education provides children with this much-needed creative outlet. Mandating dance classes in public elementary schools as part of the mainstream curriculum allows children to foster creativity and expression, but also will increase overall cognitive development and productivity of students.
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An experiment conducted by Jenny Schema, director of Teacher Training for National Dance Institute, shows that students involvement in dance classes has increased students scores in verbal areas such as Reading and Language Arts. The very techincal nature of dance allows students to get a new perspective on the real-life application of math and even increases students’ test scores in this area (Seham,1997). Art classes help students meet their full potential, by give the students the foundation they need to excel in the learning environment. By instilling these skills in students at the primary school age it gives them access to these skills for the rest of their education, while putting the student ahead academically to improve their performance in the …show more content…
Professor Liora Bresler (1992), who has decades of experience in the field of arts education, understands that dance takes a backseat to the mainstream education system and many teachers do not have the resources they would need to education themselves let alone their students in dance. If the government does not fund art classes, they certainly will not have the money needed to build a strong foundation of teachers to instruct students. Without the proper materials being given to the teacher, no academic value can be received from dance classes. Mandating dance classes would leave many teacher unsure and unconfident of where to start and how to merge this into their

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