Dance Classes: The Benefits Of Dance Education

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As the education system has become more industrialized, children 's ' futures seem dimmer than ever. American education is more standardized than it has ever been to cut expenses and create efficient members of society; leaving many to question at what cost? Creative expression is a cornerstone in the development of young minds and with the budget being more important than curriculum many of these outlets are being cut from public schools. Dance education provides children with this much-needed creative outlet. Mandating dance classes in public elementary schools as part of the mainstream curriculum allows children to foster creativity and expression, but also will increase overall cognitive development and productivity of students.
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The development day would also outline the benefits of dance education on students. This would allow for a teacher to properly use dance as a tool to increase overall academic achievement. Coopersmith, Jared, Parsad, Spiegelman (2013), researchers for the United States Department of Education, reported “ Only 3% of public elementary schools offer exclusively dance classes. Less than 50% of school integrate dance into their physical education programs.” The most practical option would be to integrate dance classes into pre-existing classes. According to Lawrence (2012), a dance professor at Webster college, “just about anything can be taught through dance. Because children learn by kinetics, dance is an excellent format to reinforce what they are learning.” A few examples of this would be pairing a creative writing assignment with the interpretive dance to teach the student how to expressive themselves on two plans. Another idea would be incorporating a 15-minute free dance in the middle of the day to get students motivated and engaged in the classroom activities. By providing music of different cultures and regions, it will expand children 's’ understanding and knowledge of the world. These ideas are inexpensive but still effective in utilizing the benefits of dance into …show more content…
In spite of the fact that the Federal Government has a board of education their primary purpose is to fight for schools to have a percentage of federal funds. All other school matters, including curriculum are settled at the state level. ( Dobbs 1989). This indicates that every single state must stipulate individually to mandate dance education in order for it to become a nationwide program. Undoubtedly, this seems like a lot of work, nevertheless if dance education were initiated in a state such as Illinois who places greater emphasis on the arts, then a ripple effect will cause the program to spread to other states. The advantages of dance will speak for itself and causing it spread across the country

The benefits of dance education such as improvement of the overall cognitive development of a student and the creation a positive learning environment in the classroom vastly outweigh cons. Dance education will return a more personal touch to education with an interactive curriculum. This benefits will promote dance and cause them to spread across the country. By implementing dance classes into primary schools it will give them self-assurance, social, and academic skills they will be able to use for the rest of their academic

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