Essay on The Importance Of Cybersecurity For The Future

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The Importance of Cybersecurity for the Future December 25th, 2014, a DDoS attack lands on major companies Sony and Microsoft. The result? Their servers were shut down for time varied on ranging from twenty-four hours to a few weeks. A DDoS is a distributed denial of service attack, and it is illegal. These attack are meant to take down companies’ servers. All of this could have been prevented if these companies focused more on their security rather than their profits. The group responsible for this calls themselves the “Lizard Squad”, a team of hackers that allegedly takes down companies to force them to work on their security. According to them, the attack was very easy and only took little time and money. If Microsoft and Sony increased their budget for their security program, it would have taken a lot more time and money in order to fulfill their so-called “mission.” A DDoS can happen at any time, as proven by the Lizard Squad. Companies aren’t ready for this kind of stuff, and focus too much on their profits and not on their system to prevent against hackers. A company isn’t the only group at stake when it comes down to cybersecurity. People, the stock market and even the government are vulnerable to an attack. Cybersecurity is important and is necessary for major companies to enhance their program because it provides protection against hackers, their networks are more secure and the security improves. General information about hackers is that they will fight until…

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