The Importance Of Gaining Freshman 15

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Throughout your first year of college people often say that you should be aware of gaining the Freshman 15. If you don’t know what the freshman 15 is I 'll explain it to you, this is when a freshman student gains up to 15 pounds. Often times it’s more like 5-10 pounds instead of 15. Throughout this paper, I will help guide you through the necessary steps you may need to take in order to avoid this from happening to you. This most effective way for a student to prevent gaining 15 pounds is to use the necessary materials around them. Which are things like healthy places on campus and the different kinds of foods that you may snack on.
As a freshman, the thought of gaining 15 pounds just in your first year of college may be very frightening
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Another great method to preventing the freshman 15 is eating nutritious snacks (CYWH, 2015). Cutting back on junk foods is also very important, it is ok to have junk food once in awhile but you have to be able to know when you’ve had enough. Having healthy snacks throughout your day is also great bringing fruits back from different dining halls on campus is also helpful (CYWH, 2015). Never skip breakfast because it is “ the most important meal of the day” according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, stocking your dorm room with only healthy snacks can decrease weight loss tremendously. As a freshman, most of the meals that you will be eating will probably come from the dining halls on campus. You have to get into the habit of choosing healthy options. At Coastal Carolina University we have a whole dining hall dedicated to only healthier foods which, is Chauncey’s Choice which, includes healthier foods with a lower calorie and fat rate than the other dining halls on campus. Choosing the salad bar over whole foods will help fill your stomach and also help you eat healthier. According to the Center for Young Women’s Health, while eating in dining halls you should look for options that have lean proteins or plant-based also whole grain foods. They also suggest that you should limit yourself from fattening foods that have lots of sugars and

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