The Importance Of Culture In Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles

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Culture is the soul of society, so if cultures of other countries are destroyed and disrespected, people and societies that been conquered might be easy to be forget. Robin Anne Reid argues that in his novel the Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury expresses the conflict between “male characters who wish to study the Martian culture and language as a minority within the colonization project, which is dominated by blustering men with little regard for culture.” However, Reid’s point does not cover all of Bradbury’s point about postcolonialism. If human disrespect Martian cultures, it is hard to believe that human will respect their own cultures. Using not only team members from expedition team but also other colonists coming to Mars later, Bradbury …show more content…
they arrived to Mars and found that before they arrived, there is a extensive death of Martians: “‘Where are they now?’ ‘Dead,’ said Hathaway…‘You saw no other life?’ ‘Chances are a few of the Martians, if they were smart, escaped to the mountains. But there aren’t enough, I’ll lay you money, to be a native problem. This planet is though’”(Bradbury 51 52). These expedition team members should stand in silence tribute for those dead Martians, or at least be quiet and show some respect to the dead and those lost civilizations. A great civilization falls by chicken pox, uncountable numbers of Martians died. No matter who saw this horrify scene, they would feel sad about this. However, those expedition team members even dare to have a big party, which make lots of noise and get them drunk: “The noise got louder, more men jumped up... Biggs staggered about, wagging his arms to direct the dancing men” (Bradbury 52). This is not respectful of the Martians or their culture. Just think what would happen if someone had a party and got drunk at a funeral. Even more excessive is Biggs through trash in to Martian canal and uses his names to name a river on Mars: “[Biggs] carried six empty bottles and dropped them one by one into the deep blue canal waters…said Biggs thickly. ‘ I christen thee Biggs, Biggs, Biggs Canal—’” (Bradbury 53). This is extremely disrespect to Mars culture. This is extremely disrespectful to Martian …show more content…
Human have a nuclear war on Earth and almost destroy their home: “Earth changed in the black sky. It caught on fire. Part of it seemed to come apart in a million pieces…It burned with an unholy dripping glare for a minute, three times normal size, then dwindled”(Bradbury 143). Humans on Earth destroyed themselves by nuclear war, if they really respect their own culture, the war would not even start. During WWII, when the U.S. bombing Japan, they even prevent destroy those ancient Japanese architectures, however, in the novel, this nuclear war totally destroyed most parts of the Earth, it is hard to believe that treasury human architectures and landscapes will survive from the huge explosion. Not only humans on earth destroy their own cultures, human on Mars also tried to do that. Government established Moral Climates that eliminate utopian literatures to make people only focus on reality because: “[Bigelow] and Love craft and Hawthorne and Ambrose Bigelow and all the tales of terror and fantasy and horror and, for that matter, tales of the future were burned” (Bradbury 105). Burning those literatures is disrespect of humans’ own cultures. Just because people are afraid of something, “there was always a minority afraid of something, and a great majority afraid of the dark, afraid of the future, afraid of the past, afraid of the present, afraid of themselves and

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