The Importance Of Cultural Globalization

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Throughout the last decades, more and more society can feel the effects of a world where everyone and everything are more integrated and connected than we have ever been. However, this process of integration is not new. Since the time of primitive people when they start to explore their own environment, the Europeans who traveled across the oceans and so on, this process that today is defined as globalization has been happening. After all, what is globalization? “Globalization is a social condition characterized by tight global economical, political, cultural, and environmental interconnections and flows that make most of the currently existing borders and boundaries irrelevant.” (Steger, 9). Due to globalization and to the increased of travel, …show more content…
This cultural globalization can be defined as the intensification and expansion of cultural flow across the globe, and it is evident in language, food, press code, consumer goods, pop culture, social and political values and so on (Haupt 2016, March 09). Due to cultural globalization, there is an increase in the ability to communicate, not only because English is considered a universal language, but also the advances in technology enable us the creation of social media. Now it is possible to communicate by Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with anyone, at any time, in any place. Also, social media touches the political dimension. Political protests, campaigns, and rise awareness on public issues are being made in social media. In addition, we have something very precious: cultural exchange. We exchange goods, ideas, people, pop culture, etc. This multiculturalism and more knowledge of other cultures is one of the best aspects in cultural globalization. It opens minds for people who does not have the possibility to leave their country, and guess what? They do not need it. It is possible to find information, tips, videos and pictures of any country in the world online. Also, the possibility to study and travel abroad is an amazing opportunity that not only helps to disseminate culture, but also it helps

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