The Importance Of Cultural Differences In Nursing

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In the world of nursing in the 21st Century there are many benefits that nurses did not have in the early centuries before. As with many changes that occur through time, culture being one of them, nursing professionals must be able to understand different ways to manage care, based on each individual client’s culture or belief system. Norbeck (1995) estimates “that by the year 2050 the Asian population will increase 9%, the African American 4%, and Hispanic 12%”. To understand cultural differences and how they are alike, one must study diversity to expand their knowledge and be able to care for the individual needs of each client and let them maintain their dignity. Many theorists such as Josepha Campinha-Bacote, Madeline Leninger and Jean …show more content…
Care Universalities however, deals with the care of clients with similar backgrounds, when the professional can group two or more cultures that have similar beliefs it can help to remember them. However; although people may have the same ethnic background does not guarantee that they hold the same beliefs so it is equally important to use the Care Accommodation component to address specific needs and help them adapt with others in the healthcare field to reach the ultimate goal of treating the patient. World View is the basis on how a person sees the world and their belief about what life is about and Social Structure is how the client’s social, political, environmental and cultural views affect their care. The preservation or maintenance focuses on keeping the client’s culture care values the center of practice while treating them. Leninger (1991) states that “the culturally competent nurse can assess the care a patient needs while working with the patient, based on the cultural differences and similarities and that the effect will be better because of the client-nurse relationship.”
The practice of transcultural nursing has had a major impact on the way nurses provide care and also how the patient receives the care, the willingness of the nurse to put the client’s first shows the client that the care being given is in the best interest of the patient and also the

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